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animation & graphics

Welcome to my commission overview!
I'm rinkie, a VTuber and Motion Graphics Designer.

Style A

1-2 weeks needed2 day delivery: base price x 2other rush delivery: +20 - 30%

80€ - 150€4min +20 %5min +30%

simple to medium complex typographymultiple simple scenes




Style B

3-5 weeks neededrush delivery: +30 - 50%

150€ - 200€4min +20 %5min +30%

medium to complex typographymultiple complex scenescomplex camera movement



Prices depend on the project, feel free to message me for a quote!

Terms of Service

Usage rights

1) I may decline your order.
2) I may use the commissioned work for self-promotional purposes.
3) Credit to me including the link to my social media is obligatory unless an additional fee is paid.
4) Any commissioned work may only be used by the client unless further discussed.
5) Do not use, post or distribute work-in-progress files unless further discussed.
6) You as the commissioner guarantee to own the according usage rights all and any assets provided to me.
7) Commissioned works may not be monetized. This includes promotional material, showing commissions on stream or monetized uploads. In order to use the commission commercially, the client must pay base price*2.
8) The needed times vary. Please expect a 20-50% fee for rush orders.


1) I will start the commission only after receiving full payment.
2) Refunds will only be given if I can not complete your commission.
3) Payments are to be made via PayPal in Euro (€).

Work flow

1) I will do my best to give regular updates, if you would like to be updated feel free to message me. I also have a trello:
2) Upon receiving the first work-in-progress clip you may request 1 major and 3 minor alterations. Any additional alterations may be charged with a fee of 5€ +.
3) The time I have to finish your commission starts when I have received all assets and payment. If you are unable to deliver them on time and would like to keep your original deadline, your order might become a rush order and a fee will be added accordingly.


Please message me on my twitter (@rinkiemeraki) using the following template:

Complete Assets:
Expected Deadline:
Visual references (recommended):
Do you agree to my Terms of Service?: